Locavaux: [loh-kuh-vawks]

noun. the effort to consume music that is grown, raised, and produced locally.


The Locavaux Project is an effort to explore the unique relationship between local musicians and the communities in which they perform. Whether it be at the weekly farmers market, open mic-nights at the coffee shop down the street, or a late night show at your favorite dive bar, live music possesses the remarkable power to bring people together and create a sense of community; two strangers swing dance, young and old belt out a classic rock chorus, or head bang side by side.

We, the Locavaux crew, share a love of live music and the open road, and have completed a journey across the United States documenting where we were, what we heard, and who we met. Ultimately, the Locavaux Project’s end goal was a short video series that offers a particular glimpse into hometowns and the music scenes they call their own.

thanks for checking us out!