HallieKatie and Chase are three recent college graduates who share a love of live music and any opportunity to discover America on the road. Having spent four years together at Colgate University as close friends and concert companions, these three could not have been more excited to embark on a journey across the United States, seeking out local music talent and figuring out what makes these individuals so special to their hometowns.

Photography  Akos Major

Chase Jackson: It was pretty clear from a young age that Chase was anything but idle; when he was a kid, Chase’s toy chest was his tool box and his family’s garage was his play room.  As a student of architecture, sculpture, and film at Colgate, Chase has made a name for himself on campus as the fix it and build it guy; from art installations of entirely handcrafted sound boards to resurrecting a 1970s style speed boat left for scrap, there is no project Chase won’t take on.   He’s also rebuilt a 1987 Jeep Wrangler, 1988 Toyota 4Runner, and is excited to begin work converting our recently purchased 1996 International Amtran school bus that will be home to the Locavaux crew this summer.

Hallie Kohler: Her passion for capturing experiences is rivaled only by her thirst for adventure and her desire that her photographs and video draw people closer to the places and people she encounters. Hallie’s gift for visual storytelling began at an early age – drawing and documenting the kinds of things that captivate young children, such as a first encounter with manatees on a family vacation. A studio art major and film minor at Colgate University, Hallie created her senior art thesis focused on memories. Not the sentimental, but a collection of thoughts and abstract retrospection. Hallie’s ability to communicate visually is a common thread, which stretches from her video documentary of her high school trip to Spain to the present. Her friends rely on her photographs to document and describe every major and minor event. Hallie’s keen sense of absorbing what matters, what’s interesting, and her ability to record all of it makes her a perfect partner to further energize the Locavaux Tour.

Katie Scribner: The resident “woo girl” of the crew, Katie has always been that individual who can be found deep in conversation with just about anyone, whether it be with friends, classmates, teachers, parents, or even that random dude in the corner of the bar who looked like he just needs a friend. But Katie doesn’t like to just talk–she likes to ask questions and figure out what it is that makes people tick. As a student of Sociology at Colgate University, Katie recently completed a senior thesis project on the media’s role in shaping individual perception of the place and function of feminism in politics; interviewing ten fellow students, Katie gained incredible practice and learned the importance of patience and consideration when talking to a diversely opinionated audience during this project. Acting as the sociological investigator of the Locavaux team, Katie is thrilled to have her passion for music meet her love of stimulating conversation.


Well, this wasn't easy, and without the help of so many people we could not have done it.

From bus renovation to graphic and website help, or giving us a place to park or a hot shower, or donating to our KICKSTARTER campaign, we would like dear friends and family to know how much their help meant to us and to our project!

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