These are the states on a U.S. map students struggle to identify, the flyover states, assumed to be nothing but farmland. Well, we found otherwise.  Bound together by a sense of self-deprecating humor, genuine character, charm and unparalleled friendliness, the small towns and cities of Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska were spilling over with talented musicians and passionate community members raising awareness of the Midwest’s cultural happenings.  The Locavaux crew rumbled up to the Great Plain states expecting endless highways, fields of corn and a few road stop diners; we left just one week later with new friends, new fans and a strong sense of belonging to a community on the cusp of something great.


Life on The Bus


While in Minneapolis, the Locavaux crew didn’t expect to be taken to a secret beach and roll around in a mud pit, but thanks to our friendly and welcoming hosts, local Minneapolis band, Carroll, that’s exactly what we did on one hot and humid July afternoon. 


Billionaire // Carroll



We danced, we sang, we jumped with the crowd, we drank a few beers, we discovered an unfamiliar place. Thank you, Iowa City, for proving that the Midwest really is the best.


Coppertone Summer // The Olympics



Bus confessionals, roof top dinners and buffalo sightings—for the Locavaux crew, it was just another day aboard Georgia, the bus.


Primitive Resource // Drake's Hotel