Postproduction Update: Feeling the Kickstarter Love

Hello Locavaux friends and family!  Exciting things are happening over here in Hamilton, New York:  we’re all moved in for the fall (Hallie and Katie in their in-town attic apartment and Chase in his cabin-in-the-woods getaway) and postproduction has officially begun!  We’re sorting through footage now (did we ever turn that camera off?) and beginning to piece together our special story of local music in the United States.  As we reflect on our trip and relive countless memories on camera, we can’t help but think of what made this unforgettable trip happen:  YOU!  Thanks to the incredible crowd-funding on Kickstarter, we were able to give Georgia the fuel she needed so that we could see as much of the United States, and the incredible people that populate its small towns, big cities and everything in between, as possible. Kickstarter proved to be an incredible resource for us, inspiring in its goal to help small, independent companies make their dreams a reality and humbling with regard to the outreach we personally received from friends, family and strangers alike.  As our bus made its way across the country, we made a number of friends who were inspired by our experience with Kickstarter’s unique approach to interactive, creative support, in turn choosing to launch their own Kickstarter campaigns in the hopes of achieving their musical dreams.  Here are a few currently in the midst of their funding period that you should take a look at—why not continue your support of local music scenes around the United States?


We met Postmadonna while visiting Seattle in early August, and they introduced us to a rad new music genre we had never even heard of: Math Rock!  Combining experimental rock with a progressive, instrumental indie-rock sound, these guys know how to create music that is as catchy as it is complex.  The Locavaux Crew can confirm just how awesome Postmadonna’s unique sound is:  we heard them play a practice set in their Seattle basement and were blown away by their guitar-playing and drumming talent (read our review of them here!).  This group of four talented friends just launched a Kickstarter to help fund their collaborative tour, “Does It Please,” with So Much Light.  Check out their unique sound on their premiere LP, “Introducing Postmadonna” and help these Seattle locals pay for a touring van and gas.  Trust us, we feel their pain—providing for a gas guzzling mobile home is not cheap.  Good luck, guys!

In the Basement Theatre Co. & Rabbit in the Rye

We’re incredibly excited to announce that two musical groups we interviewed while on the road—Pittsburgh’s In The Basement Theatre Co. and Hamilton’s Rabbit in the Rye—are joining forces in Brooklyn and producing a stunning sensory experience, “The Lady in Red Converses with Diablo.”  In The Basement Theatre’s own troupe of multi-talented actors are turning a ten-room former hospital basement into an interactive, progressive theatre space in which audience members will walk hand in hand with an estranged orphan as she tears through a diabolic bayou searching for her desired skin.  The progressive folk-rock trio, Rabbit in the Rye (our dear Hamilton friends, whose music review of ours you can read here!), is providing the soundtrack to this dance-driven, interactive and immersive theatre experience.  This expansive project, which features weekly concerts featuring musicians from around New York City, could benefit from further funding for general production costs, including set design and costumes.  So support local acting talent and music and check out Diablo’s Kickstarter!  The Locavaux Project can vauch for their awesomeness, as we attending one of their weekly concert series just two weekends ago—Rabbit in the Rye, you get us every time!

Will Houlihan of Haunt the House

You might remember reading our (ecstatically enthusiastic) review here of Providence, Rhode Island’s own Will Houlihan, known on stage as Haunt the House, here way back in June, and so you can’t even imagine our excitement when we heard our favorite Bob Dylan-Elliot Smith hybrid was announcing the release of his second album!  Will, a gentle soul with the lyricism and guitar skills of a seasoned vet, recorded his first album, Rural Introspection Study Group, as a solo effort; for his second album, he plans to put together an entire band featuring other accomplished artists in the Providence area.  So help our dear friend, Will, out and support his musical endeavors on IndieGoGo (a crowd-funding site similar to Kickstarter)!  Trust us, he’ll soon be on your autumn-inspired, indie-folk 8tracks playlist in the near future, we just know it…

So come on, feel the Kickstarter love and help support these projects!  From personal experience, we know how wonderful it is to feel supported by friends and fans nation-wide.