Haunt the House: Providence, RI

Will Houlihan might be humble and soft-spoken in person, but on-stage as Providence’s own Haunt the House, Will steals the spotlight with his striking vocals and inspired guitar.  His thoughtful lyrics, as well as a few haunting harmonic riffs, provide for some incredibly laid-back and calming listening.  Is it too much to call him a modern day 1960s Bob Dylan?  We think not.  Will has provided the majority of the bus-driving soundtrack for the Locavaux crew—we suggest you get your hands on Haunt the House’s latest EP, Rural Introspection Study Guide, and see just what you’ve been missing out on this whole time. Find out more about Haunt the House here!

Listen to his music here!


Will Houllehan of Haunt The House performing at AS220 in Providence, RI