Des Munks: Des Moines, IA

Something the Locavaux Crew has learned during our journey through the Midwest:  don’t write off the plain states.  In particular, don’t go ignoring Iowa.  For most, Iowa is just another state to drive through while on Route 80, or that state that you sometimes confuse Nebraska with.  After driving through Des Moines, IA and stopping to take a peek into the practice session of local band, Des Munks, we really can assure you that Iowa is worth it.  Des Munks (say it like Des Moines) is a trio of friends that pride themselves on not only their musicianship and live improvisation, but also their  transcendence of musical genres.  Driven by an incredibly talented drummer, bassist and guitarist, Des Munks are largely influenced by a funk-sound that blends a little bit of blues, reggae, jam, and classic rock to create one unique sound.  Having only played together since late 2012, this group of three Des Moines natives already has a wonderful ability to improvise their musical style and switch sounds while on stage in order to get audience members up and moving, dancing and grooving to their unique, rock beat.  So don’t just cruise through Des Moines, IA next time you’re making a cross country trip—stop by and take a listen to Des Munks and their wide array of musical offerings, you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised! Des Munks of Des Moines, IA

practice session with Des Monks in Des Moines

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