Alright Nevada, We Feel You.

We're not going to lie, Nevada.  We were dreading the long drive through the entirety of your state we had last week.  We were dreading the one hundred plus degree temperatures.  We were dreading driving through the night (in order to stay somewhat cool) as Chase cranked up the electronic music on the bus and cracked himself out on energy drinks.  We were dreading running out of water and sweating in places we didn't even know existed.  We were dreading rattle snakes and tumbleweed.  But then:  we spied the beautifully pristine and vast Salt Flats in the nighttime distance.  We came upon an amazingly delicious little tortilla factory in Winnamucka and subsequently had an incredible taco night on the bus.  We found an oasis of murky blue waters at Rye Patch Reservoir and spent the afternoon cooling off in the lake and sipping on Mike's Hard Lemonade Margaritas.  We watched the sunset reflect in purples, pinks and reds on the surrounding canyon walls while perched on the rooftop in the middle of a desert.  We jumped into the sparkling blue waters of Lake Tahoe! So Nevada, we're sorry for ever doubting you as a state.  You proved yourself a pretty neat place for a gang of friends to drive a bus through and hang out.  You might have proven to us that hot wind does exist, and your unreal daytime temperatures might have caused Hallie to have a tad bit of heat exhaustion, but overall, you were pretty swell.  Thank you, Nevada, for proving the Locavaux Crew wrong in all the right ways.