Just for the Fun Of It: Seattle, WA

Friends Reunited With:  6

This weekend in Seattle, we were fortunate enough to stay with four Colgate alum in their lovely house in Capitol Hill—Dave, Sebastian, Sarah and Greta, thank you so much for the hospitality!  We also hung out with fellow Colgate classmate, Abby Callahan, and Katie’s high school bestie, Jeff Nichols!

Bars in Which We Imbibed:  4

We enjoyed ourselves at quite a few local Seattle drinking holes, ranging from large beer halls to intimate, Christmas-lights-lit hole-in-the-walls.  If you’re ever in Seattle, make sure to visit Von Trapp’s Beer Hall, Montana, The Unicorn, and Cha Cha’s!

Local Not-For-Profits Visited:  1

The Locavaux Project sat down with Beth, program director at the Seattle-based Vera Project, an all-ages volunteer-based music and arts venue.  We got a tour of the facilities and learned a little bit more about the all-ages venue that hosts up to 100 concerts each year, most of which are local Seattle groups.  They also provide classes in screen printing, sound mixing, live recording, musical journalism, and even lighting.  Sign us up!  Check out everything awesome about Vera Project here!

Number of Pickle-Back Shots Taken:  too many

We learned of a new trend while in Seattle:  pickle-back shots!  A shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice.  Great?  Awful?  We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Millionaire’s Parties Attended:  1

Drew, we might not know what you do, but what we are certain of is that the party you threw at your rather large home on Mercer Island is one for the books.  Thank you for hosting the Locavaux Crew and entourage, giving us rides in your epic golf cart, and allowing us the chance to jump into beautiful Lake Washington!  This Seattle Seafair spent at your home will not soon be forgotten.

Local Food Hot Spots Eaten At:  6

If you haven’t noticed, we folks here at the Locavaux Project like to eat.  But hey, when it’s local fare, why not?  We tried noodle dishes at Chungee’s Drink ‘n Eat, burritos at Rancho Bravo, cheese curds at Beecher’s Cheese, Cuban sandwiches at Paseo, pho in Chinatown and coffee at Bauhaus Coffee!  But seriously, if you need a food lovers guide to any of the cities the Locavaux Crew has visited while on tour, holler, because we always find the best eats.

Touristy “Seattle” Sites Seen:  7

I mean, when in Seattle, right?  We checked out Fremont, Ballard, the Space Needle, Seattle City Center, Pike Place Market (Beecher’s Cheese!), Queen Anne’s scenic lookout and the Ballard Steps.

Dogs Met:  2

We got to know Lucille, aka Lucy, Dave’s loyal furry friend and Finn, Postmadonna’s camera-loving canine.  Can the Locavaux Crew get a dog for the bus now?

New Music Scenes Discovered:  1

While in Seattle we discovered a musical genre none of the Locavaux Crew was remotely familiar with: Math Rock, a rhythmically complex, often guitar-based style of experimental rock and indie rock.  Math rock is becoming a burgeoning experimental rock scene in Seattle, providing a new musical outlet amidst a sea of flannel-wearing, Fleet-Foxes-wannabe singer-songwriters.  Postmadonna, a math rock group of pretty major influence in the local Seattle music scene, was kind enough to play a few songs for the Locavaux Project and answer some questions about this progressive music style.  Check out some math rock for yourself, and give Postmadonna a listen here!  If you’re ever in town, check out The Comet, a bar and math rock concert scene.  You won’t regret it.

Meals Cooked by Chef Greg:  2.5

Greg, aka Chef Greg and host Sarah’s main squeeze, did not shy from showing the Locavaux Crew his culinary skills.  From French toast and home fries to eggs benedict with smoked salmon, we wouldn’t complain one bit if Greg found himself on the Locavaux bus cooking dinner for the crew.



So thank you Seattle, you showed us what it means to be an exciting, enthusiastic and energetic local music scene full of fun and supportive people.  We’ll be back soon, we couldn’t bear to think of being away for too long.