Georgia, On My Mind

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that The Locavaux Project has officially sold Georgia, our beloved bus and home of this past summer while on the Locavaux Project roadtrip.  As difficult as it was to say goodbye to our girl, Georgia, we know that her new owners, the hip-hop, soul and jazz collective based in Chicago, Illinois, Sidewalk Chalk, will love her just as much as we did.  Her musical journey will continue as she serves as a mobile home for the group's upcoming spring tour. Georgia, you might have started out as a retired Massachusetts school bus, but you quickly became the Locavaux crew's mobile home, taking us across the country in search of local music scenes and (literally) driving us right into one of the biggest adventures in our young lives.  You had a tendency to be a bit finnicky at times (shall we remind you of that evening in late July you decided to turn your break-line alarm on just as we began our drive over the Bay Bridge in San Francisco?), but the scenic views your 23 windows provided us with of this diverse, crazy country made up for your mechanical mishaps every time.  You didn't like the cold (particularly hail storms in Wyoming), but man were you the center of every conversation we had.  You were the envy of all other roadwarriors, and our parents' generations understood and appreciated your allusions to Jack Kerouac, Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters (remember when we met an actual ex-Merry Prankster outside of Olympics National Park in Washington?).  Your roof supported not just an entire rooftop deck, but memorable rooftop parties, late night jam sessions, highway dinners and even car seats for a few joy rides through national parks.  Truckers freaking loved you.  You maxed out at about 60 miles per hour, but you taught us to slow down and take it all in (and always enjoy a road beer while you're at it).  And of course, you were the stage for many a dance party (the best of which featured not just this song, but this one too), sing-along sessions, and endless playlists of music both old and newly found.  No one made highway rumble strips sound as good as you did, and because of you, we experienced this country as it should be experienced: from the road.  Cheers to seeing your almond-colored self out on the open highway a few years down the road, Georgia.  Thanks for one hell of a ride