We Haven't Forgotten--We Promise!

We know what you're thinking, and it's not an unreasonable question:  where is this documentary the Locavaux Crew has been talking about making since April 2013?  What happened to this big production, this Kickstarter wonder-child they've been teasing us with, this big hoopla they've been talking about with every Facebook message, Instagram, and blog post? Well, the Locavaux Crew has been working long and hard these past few months to create a unique and polished product that we would be proud to share with our friends, family, Kickstarter donors and general fans— one that showcases our incredible summer road-trip aboard Georgia the bus, and one that, most importantly, highlights the musically talented and tight-knit communities we discovered on our route.  With this ultimate goal in mind, we have decided to pursue a new format in which to feature our project: an online-based, interactive documentary.  Anyone and everyone will be able to access our journey online, connecting on an individual basis with a well-curated collection of film clips, still photography, written word, and audio segments. You, the viewer, can explore America’s local music scenes and the communities they inspire just as the Locavaux Project did this past summer.  We feel that this new documentary format can most appropriately feature the footage we collected this summer, and also allow for a sense of exploration and musical discovery on the part of the user.  This new media documentary will be released in late February, and will be disseminated on the Internet.

So please stay tuned and keep looking out for our official documentary release announcement!  We know it's been a long time coming, but we promise--the final Locavaux Project documentary will be well worth the wait.

And what better way to pass the time then to take a look at these other awesome online-based, interactive documentaries?  Check out our inspiration as we enter the final days of postproduction!

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