Happy One-Year Anniversary, Georgia!

On this day one year ago, the Locavaux crew traveled to Massachusetts to fall in love with a bus.  After a few weeks of painting, sawing, hammering, nailing and just a touch of Chase Jackson handy-man magic (remember these?) Georgia the school bus was transformed into the ultimate mobile home and jam-session host for the Locavaux Crew's summer road trip.  Just as Georgia needed a bit of sprucing up before hitting the open road, we thought it was high-time to give the Locavaux Project's website a spring cleaning.  And so, on the one year anniversary of the purchase of Georgia the bus, we're thrilled to present the new Locavaux Project web platform!  Along with our travel log, summer road trip photography and music reviews and recommendations, you'll soon be able to discover and explore local music scenes in the United States by way of the much anticipated Locavaux Project video series.  Stay tuned!

Georgia, dwarfed only by Redwoods.